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How to see the ball price Unlimited play 24 hours

How to see

How to see There are many stories about poker cards. And there is still no clear evidence of who initiated the poker game But the story that is accepted is ufabet

Poker is part of other gambling games. And converted into a poker card game today.

Many people believe that

Poker originated in China in the 900’s era, just like other casino games. The Chinese began to invent the principles of playing poker.

Beginning with playing Dominoes by making a symbol on a small piece of wood. Later, Emperor Mu-sung first invented Dominoes in the year 969.

And from the historical evidence Believe that this is the world’s first poker card game And in another corner of the world In germany

There is a game called “Poshspiel” similar to playing poker as well. And there is another theory Believe that playing poker comes from India

Is a card game called “Ganjifa”. It has rules similar to playing poker as well. Finally, Beliefs that have the closest evidence nowadays are poker cards.

Starting in France From the game called “Pogue” is a card game that was started in the 15th century and has the same starting number of cards is 52 and has 4 identical cards.

And it is a card game that requires thought Betting and bluffing like today’s card games, after which card games began to spread to Canada and America in the 17th century.

 Until this card game became the most famous in the 18th century in New Orleans, America.

The game was played by American soldiers in their free time during the world war. After in 1834, the American people changed the name of this card game to poker.

And the person who started the new name was Jonathan H Green. This person made the poker game famous in America

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